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Forum Terms & Rules

Dear forum contributors, admins and moderators of this forum will be grateful to read carefully the next few lines before posting or creating a subject or topic.

1. Avoid duplication of questions and the multiplication of topics addressing the same theme

- From the time that the site and the forum exist, many problems have been addressed or resolved. To avoid the various contributors, moderators and admins to repeat for the nth time, follow these prerequisites before posting:
-> Remember to use the "Find" function of IPB which retrieves messages by using keywords. Properly set, the search will allow you to see if your question has not been addressed previously ... You can also revive an "old topic" rather than creating a new one, allowing a grouping of information.
- If you started a topic and if you want to extend the topic, continue the discussion in the same topic ... Do not creating another ...

2. Be sure to post in the correct forum and do not post the same question everywhere

- You need to think before posting to the forum and to define the sub-forum that is most thematically able to welcome your question. Each forum is clearly defined by a subtitle. This ensures that you will again get a rapid and appropriate help.

- The cross-posting is prohibited : do not post double, triple, quadruple or everywhere in all sections of the forum the same subject, to mark your territory. This behavior wont make you service by dispersing the assistance you may have received. Instead, target your application in the corresponding field.

3. Give clear title to the topics that you create

When creating a new topic :

- Strive to give a clear title of your problem. On the one hand, this ensures that you will get quick tips and adapted. On the other hand, new contributors will be facilitated their research they can quickly identify a problem similar to theirs.

- Avoid titles like "Help", "mayday", and provocative titles.

- If you want to change the title of your topic order to be more specific or better target your question, you can do so by editing your post that introduces the topic.

- When the problem described in the topic you created is resolved, edit the title inserting "[Solved]" in front of it.

4. Respect the grammar and spelling

- A message is much more understandable if it is written in good English. The use of "SMS-style" is prohibited on these forums as detrimental to the clarity of your questionsons.

- Remember to proofread and correct your possible spelling mistakes using the "Edit" function. Use the spell checker built into your browser.

5. Respect your audience, readers and potential targets of your criticism

- Describe your problems without bitching or insulting those who work to provide solutions and thus make life easier.

- Be courteous, remember to thank those who kindly provide an answer, or try to give it?

- Forumers longstanding, remember to be gentle with the new
The use of forums can be confusing when it landed for the first time.
Therefore :
-> Do not throw aggressively on the new. Greet and advise them on how best to use the forum and gigantic database it represents.
-> Do not hesitate to explain the functioning of their research or to guide them. Give keywords allowing them to get the answer to their question, and explain how to use the search engine. This way they will be more useful than to throw a "use the search" or provide a direct link.
-> Be understanding, if a "noob" post a message in the wrong forum. A moderator or an admin will correct the error.

- Please follow these instructions on topics called "hot" topics:
1)perform a careful proofreading of the posts to which you want to reply to see if the first reading that you have is not oriented or biased
2)try to argue remaining respectful of other members and the people you criticize.
3) proofread your message before posting
4) evaluate the significance of each of your words.
5) estimate to its fair value what your contribution will bring

- Do not yield to the provocation of ill-intentioned people
Face to insults or provocations, rather than play the bidding, be sure to notify a moderator or admin of the site.

6. Post "useful"

- Do not post all the time for everything and anything...

- Do not pollute topics with unnecessary or preposterous answers totally off topic.

- Save us the answers mono or bisyllabic totally unnecessary like: "+1", "I go", "cool", ... etc..

- Remember read before posting (Listen before you speak?).

- Take the time to read and do not hesitate to edit your post or request the removal to a moderator, if you finally believe it useless?
- Use the forum "Café Vert" as appropriate to unwind, knowing keeping measure.

- Know how to use the tool "Edit" to hone your posts, be it for a simple spelling mistake.

7. Maintain a minimum of common sense in the size of your avatar and your signature

- Use a standard sized avatar (80x80 pixels, gif/jpg/png)

- Images in signatures are prohibited

- Use BBCode to place your signature in size 1

- Do not exceed three lines in your signature

8. Refrain to discuss the following topics:

- The subjects 'sensitive'
Avoid political, religious, racist, sexist, bad historical references ... Most of the time, this kind of discussion skids and brings aggression.

- Advertising posts are prohibited on

- Posts relating to pyramid selling practices are prohibited on
Practices of pyramid selling and advertising for such systems is strictly prohibited and punishable by French law (see Articles L 122-6 and L 122-7 of the Consumer Code on this site).

9. The themes of piracy and illegal P2P is a very sensitive subject

First, is not a haven for pirates
- You avoid request or download a particular software, CD audio, DVD or DivX not royalty free.
- You will not claim a serial number for commercial software.

Speaking of piracy and p2p is prohibited
However, it is possible:
- talking about Bittorrent and eMule under legal use only.
-to express themselves on the thorny subject constituted by the conflict record industry / p2p.
You should know not to cross the limits and speak wisely.
On this kind of subject, it is obvious that the point n ∞ 6 applies in full.

10. Sanctions which you can be exposed in case of violation of the Charter

-Erasing irregular posts that do not correspond to the conditions defined above.

-Locking or deleting a topic which would appear beyond charter.

-Preview messages by a moderator:
All your posts will first be previewed and approved by the moderation team if compliance with the Charter, and thus made ​​visible to the community

-The prohibition of writing on the forums
-The temporary ban for a specified period

-The indefinite ban

-Clearing your account

In case of violation of the charter, the moderators have the authority to use, without having to justify automatically one of these measures. These are applied in a coordinated manner except in emergencies. The penalty is determined by the nature and severity of the offense.

Thank you for your attention and respect that you will give these few precautions that we can continue to help each other in the best moods, and keep the forums friendly and attractive to its participants.